The Francis Street Lofts are workforce housing units which have income limits in order to qualify.

Please answer the questions below:

1. Are you a first time home-buyer?

*This question does not relate to eligibility to purchase. It relates to getting a loan from the City, and possibly Lowcountry Housing Trust. You don't have to be a first time homebuyer to buy a loft, but you may have to put down a downpayment. You can contact Florence Peters with the City of Charleston as to what exactly a first time homebuyer is. It isn't as simple as never having owned a home. For example, if you are getting a divorce and your spouse gets the house, then they consider you a first time homebuyer. Florence Peters is the Housing Development Officer and her email is and her phone number is (843) 724-7353.

2. Are you currently employed?

*If you aren't employed, you can still buy if a family member gets the loan. The family member doing this can't be on the deed, unless they will be living in the Unit and meet the income limits.

3. Do you currently make less than $52,920 a year as a single person?

If you answered yes, continue to question 5. If you are a couple, go to question 4.

4. As a couple, do you make less than $60,480 a year? (A couple does not require that the two people are married or related, it would mean two people being on the title).

5. What is your credit score?